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NEXEREN inaugurates its 5th data center in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

June 2022 by Marc Jacob

Building on its growth, NEXEREN inaugurated today its fifth data center in Reventin-Vaugris near Vienne (Isère) and confirmed its strategy of developing closer to businesses.

Called NEXEREN RVS 5, this latest addition with a capacity of 80 bays has dual TIER IV certification, a first in France for a data center of this size dedicated to providing services to businesses.

NEXEREN, a subsidiary of the XEFI group, whose DNA is local service, intends to be a major 100% French player in high performance for businesses and already has ambitions for future data centers.

NEXEREN RVS5, a concentrate of technologies

This new building, in a new department with a high level of certification, is the focus of NEXEREN’s development strategy: to set up local data centers with very high-level services and a service offer that can be adjusted according to the type of customer.

NEXEREN is now able to support not only ETIs and large international groups, but also SMBs, IT services companies, and public authorities with services and costs tailored to their size. "What could be more reassuring for these companies than knowing that their data is hosted just a few kilometers from their headquarters with a maximum level of security and being able to be in contact with our teams?" asks Laura THALMANN, Marketing Director for Cloud Data Centers. "We chose to opt for a 100% French service that is more responsive and flexible than other larger structures. Our model was designed for optimal performance and reasonable energy consumption”.

A strategy of territorial networking and multi-sites

After Ain and Puy de Dôme, this new data center is located in a new department, Isère, and completes NEXEREN’s territorial presence. It has benefited from an investment of €12 million and offers a capacity of 80 bays. It is interconnected with the group’s other data centers via high-speed connections, enabling NEXEREN to offer multi-site or dual-site hosting solutions depending on the criticality of the data used by companies.

A double TIER IV certification, a great performance

NEXEREN is the first data center operator in France to have obtained in 2018 a double Tier III Certification - Design and Facility - by the Uptime Institute. A level of certification guaranteeing very high availability (99.982%) and maximum maintainability.

With this new TIER IV Design (on plan) and Facility (infrastructure) certification, NEXEREN is once again setting an example.

For Stevan JOVANOVIC, NEXEREN’s Operations Director, "TIER IV certification is the most restrictive and the most complex to obtain. Today in France, only 3 data centers have obtained it. NEXEREN RVS5 is the only one to open its services to companies. The Tier IV "fault-tolerant" level allows, through the redundancy of its equipment, to approach the "zero-fault" and therefore an availability approaching 100%.” NEXEREN is also HDS (Hébergeur Données de Santé - Health Data Hosting) certified, enabling it to host all the equipment used by healthcare professionals and their specific requirements.

3 new data centers within 3 years

Building on its growth, NEXEREN aims to develop its range of local data centers and plans to build three new TIER IV-certified, medium-sized buildings in the region within the next three years. According to Sacha ROSENTHAL, CEO, "This acceleration responds to the needs of companies for whom data storage has become a strategic issue in the face of the rise of the cloud and new ways of working. With a wide range of local data centers, we want to offer a wide range of services, from level 1 technical support to "one-stop shop" integration of public or hybrid cloud projects.”

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