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NEC Philips announces further integration with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007

December 2007 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

NEC Philips announces a next level of interoperability with Microsoft’s Office Communications Server 2007 (OCS 2007). NEC Philips’ customers now have the ability to deploy OCS 2007 as a UC application suite on their existing voice system, and experience Microsoft’s Office Communicator desktop client fully integrated with their existing voice system.

By deploying OCS 2007 and NEC Philips’ SOPHO SIP enabled communication servers in a co-existence scenario, NEC Philips is able to provide enterprise grade communications solutions, where users benefit from the functionality of both systems via one single desktop client for handling all communications, regardless of their location and independent of their communication device.

Advanced interoperability is achieved by adopting a so called ‘Dual Forking’ scenario. This scenario is based on the concept of simultaneous ringing and draws on the advantages of the SIP-signalling interface. Leveraging this further integration enables users to make maximum use of the Office Communicator desktop client, while still being able to benefit from all traditional features of the PBX.

Calls can be picked up or initiated by any phone connected to the voice system or a UC device connected to OCS 2007 (which does not have to be physically adjacent to the phone; a user for example could be “roaming” in a hotel room in another region or country), thus the whole acts as one single system.

This ‘Dual Forking’ scenario could even be deployed in combination with the already existing so called ‘Remote Call Control’ integration between Microsoft’s Office Communicator desktop client and NEC Philips’ communication systems.

Besides first project deployments, NEC Philips will soon announce three additional UC applications, each tying directly into this solution. The announcement will comprise a UC based Operator, UC based Contact Center and extended UC messaging where IM, SMS, DECT messages and Alarming are managed, controlled, sent and received through the Microsoft Office Communicator desktop client.

NEC Philips is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has been working with Microsoft since the announcement of its Live Communications Server 2005. Specialising in user-centric real-time communications and collaboration, NEC Philips provides solutions tightly coupled to IP and hybrid voice systems, not only from its own portfolio but also from a wide range of other vendors.

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