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NCA Cyber Crime report: Insight response

July 2016 by Insight

In response to the NCA’s warning that the UK is falling behind cybercriminals, Stephen Love, Security Practise Lead - EMEA, Insight, comments:

“In the fight against cybercrime, it’s time we stepped up our game. Highlighted by the National Crime Agency (NCA) saying the technical capabilities of criminal gangs are outpacing the UK’s ability to deal with their threat, as an industry, we need to now take the fight to the criminals.

The NCA also reiterated that the current threat landscape is not just made up of individual hacktivists causing havoc as a hobby, but that cybercriminals targeting the UK include well organised, international groups. While defensive measures like layered security solutions, anti-virus protection and encryption are crucial in protecting a business from attack, too often we are playing catch up. There might be a hole in a system that hackers infiltrate, so it is filled with a patch. Now it is vital we begin to think proactively and stop the hole from appearing in the first place.

This is where a collaborative approach is needed between businesses and law enforcement agencies. Every organisation, no matter the size, needs to put security at the very top of the boardroom agenda to ensure all measures are taken to prevent a cyber-attack. In addition, if they do fall victim or their systems have foiled an attack, the organisation should report it to a law enforcement agency immediately.

While we currently face an uphill battle against criminals operating in a deep and sophisticated dark market, by working together, we stand a fighting chance. Through sharing information across industries, we will soon find ourselves one step ahead in finding cybercriminals and stopping them before they can act.”

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