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Mulligan Funding Deploys Calico Cloud to Achieve SOC 2 Compliance

June 2023 by Marc Jacob

Tigera announced that Mulligan Funding, a provider of business loans for small and medium-sized businesses, has selected and deployed Calico Cloud. Calico Cloud allowed Mulligan Funding to strengthen its security posture and achieve SOC 2 compliance while reducing service disruptions and simplifying troubleshooting.

To streamline its loan-offering services and allow online loan checkouts for its customers, Mulligan Funding introduced a microservices-based, cloud SaaS platform. Because of the sensitive personal and financial data the SaaS platform would handle, the communications to and from the application needed to be secure and SOC 2 compliant. To accomplish this, Mulligan Funding standardized on Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Calico Cloud for security and compliance. By deploying Calico Cloud, Mulligan Funding achieved its goals.

• SOC 2 Compliance: Calico Cloud provided SOC 2 audit and benchmark reports, helping Mulligan Funding achieve the necessary compliance status to operate its SaaS platform.
• Scalable Security Policy Management: Mulligan Funding streamlined security policy management and troubleshooting using Calico’s Policy Board, which allowed them to stage, preview, and deploy policies without having to manage them all individually.
• Observability and Insight: Mulligan Funding used Calico’s Dynamic Service and Threat Graph and Flow Visualizer to identify security gaps and violations instantly and troubleshoot them rapidly.

“I can go through and use the Dynamic Service and Threat Graph to drill down to the exact pod to see what it’s attempting to talk to, see what policies are applied to it, and figure out why that communication is not happening,” said Jeff Puccinelli, Director of Infrastructure and Security Operations, Mulligan Funding.

“It’s extremely helpful to know what endpoints your services are talking to. With Calico Cloud in place, we have a much-improved security posture,” Puccinelli continued.

“Compliance regulations pose challenges for businesses that want to digitally transform, but are faced with strict rules and regulations,” said Amit Gupta, Chief Product Officer at Tigera. “The stakes are high when handling sensitive financial data. We are proud that deploying Calico Cloud enabled Mulligan Funding to achieve SOC 2 compliance, ensuring the trust and protection of customers’ financial data without compromising speed, innovation, or user experience.”

Business partners, banks, and regulatory agencies now feel assured that Mulligan Funding has a proactive, controlled, and zero-trust approach in place for its security. No longer cluttered by policy management or slowed by security and compliance concerns for its SaaS application, Mulligan Funding can now further expand its development team to uncover more business opportunities.

Tigera is committed to providing products that help customers achieve compliance in an increasingly regulated landscape. The company recently announced its work with Aldagi to achieve EU GDPR compliance through Calico Enterprise.

Calico Cloud is the industry’s only active security platform with full-stack observability.

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