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MinerEye Highlighted as Key Vendor in Gartner Group Report for its Secure and Compliant Cloud Migration Solutions

July 2018 by Marc Jacob

MinerEye Data TrackerTM is featured as a key vendor in the “Highly Transformational” Data Classification category, in the Gartner Group Hype Cycle for Storage Technologies, 2018 for its secure and compliant cloud migration solutions.

The prestigious Gartner Report evaluates storage-related hardware and software technologies in terms of their business impact, adoption rate and maturity level to help IT leaders decide where and when to invest. Data classification is taking on an increasingly important role in the enterprise, with regulatory pressures such as GDPR as well the need to secure and classify data when migrating to the cloud.

According to the new Report, “Data classification must be an ongoing aspect of changing organizational behavior within the data-driven culture, and be supported by data and analytics governance and metadata management services that are ideally provided by the office of the chief data officer (CDO) in partnership with the chief information security officer (CISO)…data protection officer (DPO), compliance, legal and records.”

MinerEye Data TrackerTM enables companies to continuously identify, organize, track and protect vast information assets including undermanaged, unstructured and dark data; helping companies downsize and protect their information, and adhere to government regulations such as GDPR.

MinerEye Data Tracker also helps companies consolidate internal file server data into OneDrive as part of Office 365 and Azure adoption. These organizations as well as Microsoft have faced major challenges completing cloud initiatives. MinerEye’s customers have successfully overcome these challenges by swiftly identifying, classifying, tracking and downsizing the on-premise data before, during and after it moves to the cloud.

AI powered information governance is an enabler throughout the entire cloud adoption continuum. Source: Gartner (May 2018)

“MinerEye is now in the sweet spot of the cloud adoption continuum as companies are finding that they require data identification and classification to achieve secure cloud migration and comply with regulations such as GDPR,” says Yaniv Avidan, chief executive officer of MinerEye. “Investors look to companies at the High Importance and Early Stage categories in Gartner’s widely-followed reports, as we are at the beginning of a long and clearly identified growth trajectory.”

“The Gartner Report states that data classification – identification tagging and storage - can be an impossible task for organizations,” Avidan adds. “With MinerEye’s Data Tracker, we help organizations make continuous unstructured and dark data categorization and tracking a reality, saving millions of dollars and significant time throughout the cloud continuum, and helping companies enforce data protection and regulation compliance. "

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