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Mimecast weighs in on online safety bill effects for tech companies

December 2022 by Jonathan Miles Head of Strategic Intelligence and Security Research Mimecast

Safety Bill looks to be faltering away Mimecast weighs in on what a Bill like this could mean for tech organisations should it be introduced. The comment by Jonathan Miles Head of Strategic Intelligence and Security Research Mimecast.

Jonathan Miles Head of Strategic Intelligence and Security Research Mimecast : “Cyber threats are complex, dynamic, and network defences have trouble keeping up with them. Highly sophisticated and targeted attacks continue to exploit the evolution of technology and the increased drive towards mobility easing the process of the exfiltration of data from organisations. An increase in the variety and volume of attacks is inevitable given the desire of financially- and criminally motivated actors to obtain personal and confidential information.

In fact, the Mimecast SOES report shows that the risk of cyberattacks is high amongst corporations as well, with 3 out of 4 companies receiving an increased number of email-based threat. 72% of respondents that reported an increase in email volume said that the number of email-based threats had risen during the past 12 months.

In introducing the Online Safety Bill, the government recommends that technology organisations must appoint a "safety controller" who would be made liable for an offence if there were "repeated and systemic failings". This consideration places the onus on the service provider to better protect the end user, who are often vulnerable to receipt of unsolicited and targeted content.

It is essential that remediation and security against a variety of cyber attacks become ensconced in legislature, protecting both users, and provisioning a duty of care for tech giants charged with protecting its users. With both the Online Safety, and Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) Bills, the importance of the basics of cyber security to a nation’s defence is highlighted. There remains scope that the jurisdiction enacted within these bills could be invoked within organisations to ensure that passwords used across an enterprise are secure, and that failures leading to compromise will be chastened at the appropriate level.”

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