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Mia-Platform bank on identity verification as Trustfull joins partner program 

November 2023 by Marc Jacob

End-to-end platform builder Mia-Platform has announced Trustfull, an identity verification and fraud detection specialist, as the latest addition to its growing portfolio of partners.

Digital identity verification solutions are in demand as organisations seek to offer fast and secure onboarding for new customers. Unfortunately, fraudsters and scammers will look to slip through the net and bypass the digital onboarding process, which causes significant reputational and financial consequences. In fact, losses from fraud and cybercrime in the UK amounted to more than £590 million between April to June 2023.

Trustfull helps safeguard digital businesses with a customisable platform that inspects and analyses digital signals and footprint data. Its proprietary technology is capable of assessing risk from over 300 touchpoints including email, phone, IP, device and browser behaviour data to help organisations verify the identity of users when signing up to an online service.

This new partnership means Trustfull’s full range of digital onboarding services will now be available via the Mia-Platform marketplace, enabling businesses to build robust and secure digital applications to easily verify new customers and improve the user experience.

Trustfull’s technology can verify the phone numbers and addresses of end users with a scoring system powered by AI and ML algorithms. It is also capable of recognising browser behaviour data to build more accurate profiles of prospective customers.

Onboarding is one of the most difficult functions for businesses to perfect as they must fine-tune their process in line with the diametrically opposed goals of risk aversion and end user satisfaction.

The threat of fraud has never been as great as it is today, with estimates from the Crime Survey for England and Wales showing that there were 3.3 million reported fraud offences in 2023. Recognising the need for digital onboarding solutions to help businesses counter this threat, Mia-Platform is leveraging the expertise of Trustfull to help developers customise unique and secure customer journeys.

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