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Mark43 announces partnership with RapidSOS

August 2023 by Marc Jacob

Mark43 announced a partnership with RapidSOS that will provide 911 call centers that are using Mark43 CAD with access to RapidSOS enhanced location information, a partnership that will improve the response speed and accuracy of first responders.

Through this partnership, Mark43 is recognized as RapidSOS Ready, providing telecommunicators with accurate caller location and rich additional data shared by RapidSOS. The partnership allows Mark43 to share robust data from the RapidSOS Platform - including dynamic location, health and medical information, connected building and alarm data, and more - with first responders in an emergency. This information provides first responders with unprecedented situational awareness so that they can arrive on scene faster and better informed.

Mark43 CAD operates as a natural extension of the dispatcher, call taker, and in-field first responder during an emergency response. Using this system, officers are able to take calls from anywhere, regardless of whether they are at a computer or on their mobile device. This keeps officers away from the station, out of their car, and in the field where they belong.

RapidSOS technology provides public safety telecommunicators with device-specific location information by accessing the GPS information inside a specific mobile device. This is a significant improvement upon how location information is typically determined, whereby a 911 call center or public safety answering point (PSAP) relies upon a cell phone network carrier to determine where the device is located.

The enhanced accuracy provided by the RapidSOS integration with Mark43 CAD enables telecommunicators to send first responders exactly where they are needed – to the device’s specific location. This partnership also reduces the call handling / call processing time by providing telecommunicators with an accurate location as soon as the call comes in.

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