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Marilyn has invested to get the Tier III Certification for its datacenter

October 2016 by Marc Jacob

Marilyn is a subsidiary of CELESTE Group, which is a broadband and high accessibility internet access provider for business all over France. Marilyn is the company in charge of management and commercialization of the datacenters.

Marilyn has invested in a second engine-generator and starts to prepare its second datacenter tower in order to host new customers.

Celeste has invested in the development of its own Marilyn datacenter some 5 years ago, based on the latest datacenter generation, patented and unrivalled worldwide. This datacenter overcomes datacenter problematics such as: How cooling a datacenter using powerless while guaranteeing high availability of services?

Innovation works for datacenters

Thanks to innovation and new approach of datacenter cooling, Marilyn is the precursor of Green Internet in France. Indeed, the Marilyn patent allows a consumer economy of 35 % for its datacenter, due to the new conception using free cooling method.

Based on the vertical design, the first tower of datacenter hosts to date more than 60 customers. The Marilyn team prepares a second tower in order to host new customers.

High availability & seamless service

Marilyn has worked on high level of specifications to build its own datacenter.

To get Tier III Certification, Marilyn undertakes substantial new investment to its datacenter and has high availability datacenter including:

- Dual 3 MegaWatts ERDF power feeds
- 20,000 Volt transformers
- Two low voltage electrical rooms with level of service tables “333”
- Two groups of inverters, with flywheel to avoid cooling of batteries
- Optical fiber connections to many operators for backup of infrastructure connections
- Two electrical switchboards dedicated to power-generators
- Two engine-generators dedicated for the totality of the site

Redundant Electric power to ensure continuous service

These two engine-generators allow to guaranty a high level of continuous service based on redundant electric power. Each engine-generator is able to provide the totality of electric resources needed for the site.

To increase the electronic power, a third engine-generator will be implemented soon.

Moreover, all engine-generators are able to supply uninterrupted power thanks to continuous oil change system with auxiliary reservoir.

Two fuel tanks and two supply channels are used, as well as two stacks. The electrical switchboard and electrical distribution network are separated and isolated.

The performance keys: high availability and redundant electric power, security and high density, implemented by the company allow Marilyn to benefit of flawless reputation and high level of services.

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