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Lumen upgrades DDoS mitigation capabilities

October 2020 by Marc Jacob

Lumen Technologies is announcing significant upgrades to its industry-leading DDoS Mitigation Service. These new features help customers better protect their essential web-facing assets and applications, and reduce the risk of collateral damage during attacks.

Lumen’s new DDoS capabilities include:

• Rapid Threat Defense. This software-based, automated detection and response service automatically detects and immediately blocks malicious entities such as DDoS botnets. For customers, this means improved application security and availability – even against newly discovered and evolving threats.

Rapid Threat Defense leverages threat intelligence developed by Black Lotus Labs – Lumen’s threat research and response team. Lumen runs one of the largest IP backbones in the world, which gives Black Lotus Labs unsurpassed visibility to uncover and block attacks earlier than ever – before they ever reach customers’ applications.

• Three-Tiered Scrubbing Architecture. Lumen believes that intelligent platforms are more effective at threat mitigation than capacity-only approaches. To that end, the company has developed a proprietary, three-tiered scrubbing approach that uses next-gen technology to mitigate attacks based on size and complexity. Intelligent routing sends larger, more complex attacks to the larger scrubbers, which ensures customers’ business-critical applications continue to perform – both at peacetime, and while under attack.

• DDoS Hyper. Launched last week, DDoS Hyper is part of the new Lumen digital buying experience, which enables customers to order, configure, and deploy DDoS mitigation services via a self-service portal in minutes.

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