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Logpoint launches suite of compliance and security monitoring solutions for Business-Critical Systems

September 2022 by Marc Jacob

Logpoint announces the launch of Business-Critical Security (BCS) for SAP, a suite of security and compliance solutions that enables organizations to secure their business-critical systems. BCS for SAP solves security gaps and compliance challenges with four different solutions: Security & Audit Compliance Monitoring, Business Integrity Monitoring, Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Access Monitoring, and IT Service Intelligence (IT-SI).

SAP is a backbone of the global economy, accounting for 87 percent of the total global commerce. SAP applications help organizations manage critical business processes such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), product lifecycle management, customer relationship management (CRM), and supply chain management. A wide range of industries, including manufacturing, IT, financial services, and wholesale rely on SAP to keep business running.

SAP systems are critical to business operations. They house valuable digital assets like intellectual property, financial records, and detailed personal data about employees, customers, and partners. As such, SAP systems are exposed to fraud and cyberattacks. In addition, SAP systems are complex to manage, making it difficult to detect operational problems and ensure compliance. BCS for SAP addresses these challenges by bridging SAP and SIEM solutions for compliance and security monitoring of SAP systems.

The new suite of Logpoint BCS for SAP solutions enables organizations to bolster security, ensure business continuity and meet compliance requirements:
Security & Audit Compliance Monitoring provides complete real-time security insights throughout the IT and SAP infrastructure to simplify the detection of events, compromising SAP security and compliance, and incident response.
Business Integrity Monitoring delivers continuous monitoring and automated controls to enable organizations to identify deviating patterns from standard SAP business processes and spot errors and fraud immediately.
PII Access Monitoring monitors SAP user behavior and activity to detect unauthorized access of critical transactions or sensitive data like personal-related data, helping organizations meet GDPR and other PII compliance requirements.

IT-SI delivers full-time monitoring of operational capabilities, allowing organizations to detect root causes and future service degradations so they can respond quickly to issues threatening the stability of the SAP system.
The suite of Logpoint BCS for SAP solutions is based on a bridging technology that extracts complex data from SAP systems and integrates it with a SIEM to provide proactive monitoring. Organizations can also get response and advanced analytics capabilities if the SIEM solution is converged with SOAR and UEBA technologies. Overall, the BCS for SAP solutions provide state-of-the-art security operations capabilities combined in a central solution.
Security & Audit Compliance Monitoring, Business Integrity Monitoring, IT-SI, and PII Access Monitoring can be bought separately or combined depending on the individual organization’s needs.

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