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Logpoint enhances Business-Critical Security (BCS)

November 2023 by Marc Jacob

Logpoint is announcing the release of the Vulnerability Monitoring Analyzer, bringing new capabilities to its Business-Critical Security (BCS) solutions by enabling organizations to automate the assessment of SAP patches and ease how these are prioritized. As SAP patching is carried out manually, automating the patch review process will bolster the protection of SAP systems and help safeguard against cybercriminals looking to exploit systems lacking critical security updates.

SAP releases security patches once a month to protect its users against vulnerabilities continually. Understanding the technical changes and evaluating the relevancy of the security patches is typically conducted manually. Statistics show that a typical SAP customer needs more than 100 days on average to install critical security corrections, potentially exposing the business during that time.

The Vulnerability Monitoring Analyzer automatically reads the technical content of released patches and matches its release version with the system’s release version throughout thousands of repositories. The solution also provides a comprehensive overview of components and their patch levels, component versions of Kernel, Database, Library, etc., and the SAP GUI version.

Vulnerability Monitoring Analyzer is an integral part of Logpoint BCS for SAP. It works instantly without additional installation and configuration efforts. Logpoint BCS for SAP provides visibility across the SAP environment with analytics to act efficiently on threats. Logpoint BCS for SAP integrates with Logpoint’s Converged SIEM platform, delivering comprehensive threat detection and incident response across the entire IT infrastructure.

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