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Lantronix Out-of-Band Management Solutions Ensure Secure Remote Access for Data Centers and Distributed Workplaces

July 2020 by Marc Jacob

Lantronix, Inc. announced that its Out-of-Band Management (OOBM) solutions are being used by organizations worldwide to ensure secure remote access and management of global networks and data centers.

A leading global grocery retailer uses Lantronix’s OOBM solutions in retail sites globally to ensure 24x7 access to critical network infrastructure and to ensure uptime. With thousands of retail outlets, large and small, with few or no IT staff on site, our OOBM solution enables the centralized IT team to more efficiently manage and maintain its critical network infrastructure.

Data Center: Ensure Remote Access and Management

A leading software company uses Lantronix’s OOBM solutions in its global data center footprint to ensure remote access and management of key network and systems resources. Uptime is critical for its data center operations worldwide, and with its senior staff often located offsite, it is important to ensure that they can remotely access and manage infrastructure at all times, in all situations. OOBM ensures secure remote control for maintenance and upkeep while maintaining a low resource overhead. It also gives its management and IT team peace of mind knowing they will have access in emergency situations.

Branch Offices: Empower Remote Maintenance and Management

A major university uses Lantronix’s OOBM solutions to maintain continuity to system resources across its multiple branch locations. Complicated to manage, these locations have no IT staff on site and limited network infrastructure from multiple vendors. Using OOBM allows for secure remote maintenance of these sites and reduces the need for any engineer visits, enabling a small IT team to efficiently monitor a large number of sites.

Remote Sites: Facilitate Centrally Located Management

A global bank uses OOBM solutions across thousands of ATMs to ensure uptime and security for this key part of its network infrastructure. Due to the large volume and remote locations of these sites and the critical nature of their function, the bank relies on OOBM to allow a centrally located IT team to manage, monitor and ultimately fix any problems that arise. This ensures maximum uptime, reduces the need for onsite ATM management and cuts engineering time.

Lantronix’s Out-of-Band Management Solutions

Data Center Solutions: Lantronix’s in-band and out-of-band management solutions for IT equipment in data centers, network edges, co-locations, remote sites, branch offices and engineering test labs, providing an alternative path to network devices when the primary network is down.

Branch Office/Remote Management Solutions: Lantronix’s branch office management solutions provide real-time visibility and control over branch office and remote site IT equipment securely and quickly allowing ensuring business continuity during unplanned network outages and cyber security attacks.

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