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Lacework Adds File Integrity Monitoring

October 2017 by Marc Jacob

Lacework™ has added File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) to its platform, enabling FIM to be more than a compliance checkmark and making it an integral part of the threat detection process. FIM’s file integrity signals complement the Lacework platform’s other events and threats databases, enhancing the ability of any security team to detect anomalies and eliminate threats.

Lacework has built a platform that delivers security capabilities specifically designed for the cloud, including speed, scale and automation, while allowing customers to leverage some of the security tools with which they are familiar that are still relevant in the cloud. While typically deployed with the simple goal of meeting compliance standards, FIM serves as a component of a larger, integrated solution in the Lacework Cloud Security Platform. Lacework FIM provides the core functionality required to achieve cloud compliance where FIM is a requirement and is natively integrated with the Lacework platform.

FIM solutions are typically offered as stand-alone products with the single goal of achieving compliance. By comparison, the Lacework security platform integrates FIM to take the approach of having one agent deployed to capture all data required to serve both security and compliance needs. With the addition of FIM, Lacework enables its customers to consolidate the number of agents that vendors must deploy on cloud workloads. Lacework’s FIM solution automates setup and eliminates labor-intensive rule development, ACL specification, and configuration typically required by traditional FIM solutions.

Lacework FIM is available immediately. A 14-day free trial is available for security operations and DevOps personnel in need of a simplified, efficient and automated solution for cloud security.

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