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"La sécurité du système d’information des établissements de santé" 2rd edition by Cédric Cartau

February 2018 by Marc Jacob

The case of the over-irradiated patients at the Epinay hospital in 2006 or the shutdown of British hospitals due to crypto-viruses in 2017 are a reminder that, with the increasing reliance of healthcare provision on IT networks, any system breakdown or dysfunction can have tragic consequences.

In this 2nd updated edition, Cedric Cartau comprehensively describes the major evolutions of the IT security systems in health care facilities, including for instance the surge of crypto-viruses, the digitalization of hospitals, the certification of accounts or the mutations of the hospital complexes.

This book is extremely valuable for the directors and the managing teams of health care centers as well as for project managers, or engineers. Preface by Phillippe Loudenot.

- Price 32,00 € print Version imprimée
- Editor: Presses de l’EHESP

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