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KuppingerCole publishes Leadership Compass about API Security Management

July 2015 by KuppingerCole

The independent Analyst Company KuppingerCole Ltd. presents a new Leadership Compass about API Security Management. The report provides an analysis of the market for API Management solutions with a strong focus on security features. Rapidly growing demand for publishing and consuming APIs, which creates new business models and communication channels, has introduced new security challenges. The Leadership Compass about API Security Management helps decision makers to find the best solution that addresses the requirements of their company, while maintaining the highest level of security and threat protection.

The Leadership Compass is written by KuppingerCole’s Senior Analyst Alexei Balaganski and compares companies like 3scale, Axway, CA Technologies, Forum Systems, IBM, Managed Methods and WSO2 in their function as API Management Solution provider.

KuppingerCole has long recognized the increasing importance and use of APIs as one of the most important current IT trends. Rapidly growing demand for exposing and consuming APIs, which enables organizations to create new business models and connect with partners and customers, has tipped the industry towards adopting lightweight RESTful APIs, which are commonly used today. Unfortunately, many organizations tend to underestimate the potential security challenges of opening up their APIs without a security strategy and infrastructure in place. Such popular emerging technologies as the Internet of Things (IoT) or Software Defined Computing Infrastructure (SDCI), which rely significantly on API ecosystems, are also bringing new security challenges with them.

For Alexei Balaganski creating a well-planned strategy and reliable infrastructure to expose the company’s business functionality securely to be consumed by partners, customers and developers, is a significant challenge that has to be addressed not just at the gateway level, but along the whole information chain from backend systems to endpoint applications. It is therefore obvious that point solutions addressing specific links in this chain are not viable in the long term, and KuppingerCole’s analysis is primarily looking at existing integrated API management solutions, but with a strong focus on security features within these solutions.

The Leadership Compass provides an overview of the market segment of API Management solutions covering a quite broad selection of vendors, from the largest IT corporations - for which API management solutions represent a small part of their product portfolios - to smaller, highly focused companies concentrating on API-related solutions only. Products reviewed in this report range from heavyweight enterprise solutions to small-scale Open Source frameworks.

The new KuppingerCole Leadership Compass is now available for download from Journalists may request this document and all other analyses from KuppingerCole free of charge. Please send us specimen copies of any published articles or links to online publications referring to our reports.

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