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KuppingerCole: Real-time Security Intelligence surpassing SIEM and firewalls as Cyber Defense countermeasure #1

February 2015 by KuppingerCole

The KuppingerCole Digital Risk and Security Awareness Study has worked among others with the topic countermeasures against cyber-attacks. Looking at the countermeasures allows some interesting observations. While some technologies such as Identity and Access Management & Governance (IAM/IAG) are considered as key technologies, others are gaining momentum and expected to play a far bigger role within the next three years. Somewhat surprising, Mobile Security Solutions are still not widely used but expected to become more important in the near future. Secure Information Sharing, e.g. Information Rights Management or Secure Data Rooms, already is perceived as one of the most relevant countermeasures, with another uptake expected.

However, the biggest growth, according to this study, will be seen in the area of Real-Time Security Intelligence. This includes solutions that provide managed services not only about newly identified attack vectors, but also for analyzing logs and events based on advanced analytical capabilities. While the current and short-term focus is on on-premise solutions, the results show a massive uptake for managed services in that area within the next three years.

On the other hand, traditional technologies such as firewalls, IPS/IDS, or endpoint security are on the decline – not necessarily in absolute numbers, but in their role as core technologies for cyber-security countermeasures. The study shows a clear focus on Real-Time Security Intelligence and IAM/IAG as strategic elements, complemented by Secure Information Sharing technologies. Gaining comprehensive insight into attacks and integrating prevention, detection and response instead of using point solutions appears to be the strategic focus, according to the survey results. This is combined with protection of the information assets themselves, instead of secondary components such as networks and servers.

The Advisory Note: Digital Risk and Security Awareness Survey is now available for download free of charge from KuppingerCole website. You will find it, as well as all other KuppingerCole reports, under

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