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King & Union Introduces Fractional Ownership of Premium Threat Intelligence

October 2020 by Marc Jacob

King & Union and its threat intelligence partners democratized threat intelligence data for thousands of organizations by launching Avalon Marketplace. Avalon marketplace is the first in the industry to “tokenize” fractional datasets via partners feeds, integrations, and enrichment sources. Fractional ownership gives analysts the operational flexibility to move rapidly between investigation data sets. For the business, fractional ownership and shared analytics can bring greater precision to threat intelligence spending.

The Avalon Cyber Analysis Platform encourages collaboration between analysts, teams and across organization with tools to visualize, analyze, and produce intelligence. Avalon Marketplace enables Avalon customers to immediately augment or replace annual threat intelligence purchases with fractional purchases to save money. Alternatively, customers can gain access to multiple data sets for the price of the single data set since they only pay for feeds when they need them. For organizations with smaller budgets, they gain access to multiple data sources for the first time when an annual purchase might have been too expensive.

“Threat intelligence analysis and operationalization is a specific skillset, requiring specialized resources and toolsets. King & Union understands this and has designed its technologies and services with threat intelligence analysts’ requirements in mind. For example, Avalon Marketplace enables a just-in-time approach to threat intelligence data to access what they need, when they need it. King & Union offers a combination of tools, expertise, and partnerships to address requirements like this across the threat intelligence investigations lifecycle,” said Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst and ESG Fellow.

King & Union’s Avalon Marketplace threat intelligence partners represent some of the most comprehensive and respected vendors in the industry, including Blueliv, Cyborg, Cyware, DarkOwl, GreyNoise, Recorded Future, and Sixgill, and with a substantial list of intelligence additional partners being added to the marketplace throughout Q4 2020. Avalon Marketplace integrates with existing workflow tools, TIP’s, and intelligence feeds to make the intelligence-enabled processes more efficient. Users can customize which feeds they have access to and how frequently they wish to use them based on the specific collection needs of their investigations.

“By allowing analysts to extract intelligence from multiple sources and a diverse range of methodologies, the Avalon Marketplace represents a paradigm shift in operational intelligence,” said Ron Shamir, VP Products & Technology Alliances at Sixgill. “Working together with King & Union, we can build an ecosystem that enriches and deepens threat intelligence while also simplifying analysis.”

“We are thrilled to embark on this unique partnership and offer DarkOwl data through the truly innovative Avalon Marketplace,” said DarkOwl CEO, Mark Turnage. “King & Union has centralized a wide range of data sources on one integrated platform, making premium threat intelligence data more widely affordable and accessible.”

"The Avalon Marketplace is game changing from a partnership perspective because it allows customers of all sizes to purchase premium threat intel as needed. This is a value add that no other partner can provide," said Trevor Crompton, Worldwide VP of Sales at Blueliv.

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