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Kaspersky comment: Pets’ names used as passwords by millions

April 2021 by David Emm, principal security researcher at Kaspersky

Following the recent story Pets’ names used as passwords by millions, the comment from David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky:

“Our passwords are the gateway to a plethora of valuable personal data that should never be openly shared. This is why we urge everyone to be extremely careful of the login credentials they set; using weak or obvious passwords such as pet or family names is as good as shouting your secure information to a passerby. Whilst seeing that 40% of respondents said they had never used an easily guessed item as a part of a password is encouraging, there is clearly work and education to be done for many. Often consumers are complacent to attacks if they do not think they are at risk, but it’s important not to take chances with weak passwords, and choose secure ones made up of random words. More importantly, you should never reuse them. While convenient and more easy to remember, just as you wouldn’t use one lock and key for every possession of value, you shouldn’t do it online. Implementing a password manager can help people create complex passwords. In addition, consumers should also consider using two-factor authentication where available, as it adds an essential layer of security.”

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