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Kaspersky comment: Ensuring seamless cybersecurity and data protection during cloud adoption

August 2020 by Alexander Moiseev, Chief Business Officer at Kaspersky

Following the recent IDG Cloud Computing Survey 2020, it has been revealed that almost a third of IT budgets will be allocated to cloud computing within the next year. Already, 92% of organisations say their IT environment is at least somewhat in the cloud today, while 55% already use multiple public clouds.

However, data security remains one of the main concerns around cloud adoption for enterprises. Along with controlling cloud costs, data privacy and security challenges are worrying for nearly 40% of enterprises. In light of this, I would like to share with you a comment from Alexander Moiseev, Chief Business Officer at Kaspersky, in which he examines how businesses can effectively adopt cloud software and applications without detracting from cybersecurity measures and data protection.

"The acceleration of cloud migration is a likely indication of the market response to the pandemic and associated lockdown measures. Many businesses have taken advantage of the benefits provided by a flexible cloud infrastructure - including fast deployment of new workloads, visibility over resource consumption and improved SLAs.

"However, despite the benefits, enterprises still consider cybersecurity and data protection to be the biggest challenge or even obstacle to cloud adoption. These concerns can be addressed by taking key measures. For instance, organisations should adhere to proper configuration of cloud workloads, ensure their employees have been given cybersecurity awareness recommendations, and use specialised cybersecurity solutions to protect cloud platforms and applications.

"Manageability and transparency are also important to establishing a safe cloud environment. Although almost half of applications (46%) are developed specifically for the cloud and should be easier to manage, administrators can still struggle to maintain control over all of them. Businesses need to look for ways to increase the visibility and manageability of their entire cloud infrastructure and protection. This should help them take a successful cloud journey without stumbling over cybersecurity issues along the way."

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