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Kaspersky comment: Apple iOS 14 update gives consumers more control over device privacy

September 2020 by David Emm, principal security researcher at Kaspersky

The release of Apple’s iOS 14 update is shining a new light on device privacy, as consumers become more aware of what features are being accessed by app developers without their knowledge. David Emm, principal security researcher at Kaspersky, comments on the stage of data privacy and how big name brands are having to fix the ’bugs’ that consumers were previously unaware of.

“The new Apple iOS 14 update is set to bring with it a huge overhaul when it comes to people’s privacy, with major changes to prevent tracking and to put people in control over their own data. The added notifications, which pop up whenever an app accesses the microphone or camera, are giving consumers the visibility they rightly deserve. And these new features are forcing developers to do what they should have been doing – making it clear when apps are using the microphone or camera to record individuals.

“The amount of big name brands having been caught out already by this update – including TikTok and Instagram – shows how unaware individuals are of the actions of app developers. And even though these groups are resolving the issues, consumers can rest easy knowing that they have more transparency over what is being accessed on their devices.”

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