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Kaspersky Comment; Apple Pay users ’Vulnerable to security Hack’

September 2021 by David Emm, Principal security Researcher at Kaspersky

In response to the recent news regarding Apple Pay users ‘vulnerable to security hack’, please see below a comment from David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky.

“Electronic payments are a core feature of our life and in some countries they are even replacing the use of cash. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen a widespread change in consumer behaviour with many consumers paying for goods and services by tapping their card rather than using cash. The way that we pay for things as customers has changed as everything has become more digital, so it’s not surprising that cybercriminals are looking at ways of exploiting this. Today, UK academics have uncovered mobile security issues in Visa and Apple payment mechanisms that could result in fraudulent contactless payments. Whilst, it’s worrying that convenient hands-off processes can potentially provide attackers with the opportunity to exploit systems. In this case, customers can be reassured that Visa would protect against potential exploits. However, as digital and contactless payments become the norm for so many of us, it’s important that we exercise caution. Customers should remain vigilant about their payment security - and should monitor their bank accounts, checking for unusual activity and notifying their banks if they spot anything suspicious.”

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