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Kantara Releases Report on Identity and Privacy Protection For mobile Driver’s Licenses

August 2021 by Kantara

The Kantara Initiative released its Privacy and Digital Identity Protections in the Mobile Driver’s License (mDL) Ecosystem Report. The report outlines how to implement mDL systems as Privacy Enhancing Technologies. It provides guidance on protecting people’s individual privacy and the digital identifiers of an individual who carries or uses an mDL.

Kantara is the global consortium improving trustworthy use of identity and personal data through innovation, standardization and good practice.
With approximately 1.5 billion vehicles and three billion smartphones in the world, mDLs and identity credentials stored and displayed on mobile devices will be transformative for upwards of 25% of the world’s population. It will change the way we interact, engage and identify ourselves.

However, before we hit the accelerator on mDLs we must address the pressing need to ensure privacy and protect digital identity in the mDL ecosystem to ensure the control of one’s data remains with the individual.

“Someday soon your driver’s license will be digital and stored on your phone or other mobile device. Kantara is here to help stakeholders protect mDL users’ digital identity,” said Kay Chopard, executive director, Kantara Initiative. “Kantara’s Privacy and Digital Identity Protections in the Mobile Driver’s License (mDL) Ecosystem Report shows how to create systems that keep the individual who owns the mobile credentials in control of their own digital identity.” The report is based on the ISO/IEC 18013-5 Personal identification – ISO-compliant driving license – Part 5: mDL application standard (ISO/IEC 18013). It was drafted to assist product managers, engineers, compliance teams, architects, developers, assessors and others with responsibilities for implementing supporting or interacting with mobile credentials.

The report was produced by Kantara’s Privacy and Digital Identity Protections in the mDL Ecosystem Discussion Group. It supports and continues Kantara’s mission to grow and fulfill the market for trustworthy use of identity and personal data.

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