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KX Integrates E-Comms With Trade Surveillance For Improved Regulatory Compliance And Fraud Detection

June 2021 by Marc Jacob

KX has announced the integration of an electronic communications (E-Comms) capability with its award -winning KX Surveillance solution.

This enhancement enables the real-time capture, processing, and analysis of unstructured data – such as email, chat, forums and JSON voice transcripts – alongside structured trade data for improved regulatory compliance and fraud detection.

The integrated solution includes enhanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU) machine learning capabilities enabling more precise, intelligent, and automated monitoring of all types of communications. This more accurately identifies suspicious communications and insider threats while reducing false positives.

A single consolidated Action Tracker provides a real-time alerting system to notify when potentially suspicious communications are taking place amongst internal and external entities involved with trade activities. Advanced search capabilities allow for easy searching across all communication and trade data in one place including other data formats including images and pdfs.

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