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Juergen Urbanski, former Deutsche Telekom Enterprise Services CTO, on Monetizing Big Data in the Middle East : ‘Driving Business Performance for the World’s Largest Telcos’

December 2014 by Juergen Urbanski, former Deutsche Telekom Enterprise Services CTO

Juergen Urbanski, one of Silicon Valley’s pre-eminent thought leaders in the monetization of Big Data, will deliver a keynote address to the forthcoming GCC BIG DATA & ANALYTICS SUMMIT in Dubai, UAE, on ‘’Driving Business Performance for the World’s Largest Telcos.’

This executive-level GCC forum, which highlights the potential benefits of Big Data for the region’s public and corporate sector, will be held at Dubai’s Address Marina Hotel from March 8-10, 2015.

The GCC’s Big Data market is set to grow by almost five times between 2013 and 2020, according to consultants Frost & Sullivan – from over $135 million to an estimated $635 million.

Mr Urbanski stated: “This is one reason why I am keen to come to Dubai and highlight successful international use cases in infrastructure, customer care and sales. They affect huge cost and revenue baselines – and I am passionate about helping Big Data cross the chasm into mainstream enterprise adoption in the Gulf region.”

Inspired by Big Data‘s progress in the west, Middle Eastern governments and institutions are already examining how business intelligence can better serve their citizens. Expanded use of R&D, complex data flow analytics and social media analysis is supporting extensive Big Data initiatives. These will make a major impact on regional government agencies, telcos, transport authorities, oil & gas producers, banks, industries and retailers.

Mr Urbanski, the former CTO of Deutsche Telekom’s Enterprise Services Division, has seen first-hand how Big Data creates substantial revenue upside. In his career over the last 20 years with McKinsey, NetApp and Deutsche Telekom, he has covered the entire IT life-cycle from strategy to development, deployment, procurement and outsourcing: always with a focus on generating revenue growth from emerging technologies.

He emphasised: “In Dubai, I’ll be aiming to answer the question – where exactly is the biggest value in Big Data? Often the approach has been – ‘store data first, ask questions later,’ but are emerging technologies such as Hadoop and Spark starting to move the needle for the business?

“Following my keynote at the inaugural US ‘Big Data Monetization in Telecoms’ event in January 2013, I want to review what has worked well since and what has been most challenging in deploying Big Data at the world’s largest telcos.”

Mr Urbanski will also conduct a broader one day workshop at the Summit entitled ‘Success with Big Data’: details can be found on the event website

The GCC BIG DATA SUMMIT will bring together regional and international IT experts from key sectors who will discuss how big data can predict and deliver better services – while improving quality, productivity, profits, community benefits and speed of decision making. The Summit’s Advisory Board includes senior representatives of Microsoft, SAP, Injazat Data Systems, DU Telecoms, Halliburton, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and Gulf Air.

Advisory Board member Dr Dirk Jungnickel, Senior VP of Business Analytics at DU (Emirates Integrated Telecommunications), welcomed Mr Urbanski’s presentation.

“He is one of the world’s leading experts in extracting business value from new technology. I believe that a broader audience (including me) would like to learn what steps one should take on our journey to develop the necessary skills and capabilities – while also learning from early movers which short-cuts might be possible.”

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