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Jean Parpaillon Elected Chairperson of the Board of OW2

March 2017 by Marc Jacob

OW2, the global community for open source infrastructure software and application platforms announces the new Board of Directors, in place for one year from March 22, 2017. The board has elected Jean Parpaillon as its Chairperson and President of OW2.

Already an OW2 board member as Individual Members representative, Jean Parpaillon participated in several open source collaborative projects, including OCCIware. An expert in distributed systems, cloud computing, REST services, SNMP protocol, erlang/OTP, he is the main author of the erocci framework.

Jean is erlang Senior Developer and Architect at KBRW Ad Venture, an independent software vendor based in Paris. His current mission is to focus on technical interoperability between diverse ERP and business systems. Previously he was research engineer at INRIA, co-founder of Lizenn, IRISA system engineer, and Kerlabs HPC system architect.

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