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Jean-Michel Tavernier Armis: It is essential for organizations to identify each device in real time

March 2022 by Marc Jacob

Jean-Michel Tavernier has just been appointed Country Manager of Armis, an opportunity for our editorial staff to take stock of its strategy. , Armis provides complete asset visibility and security. Its platform discovers all devices and the risks they represent in the environment. For Jean-Michel Tavernier, it is becoming essential for organizations to identify each device in their environment, to know its physical location, to know what software it is running and to map its connections to other devices in real time.

GS Mag: Since 2022 November, you have been appointed Country Manager France of Armis, what are your objectives for this year?}

Jean-Michel Tavernier : Armis enters France with the objective of helping our customers and partners to quickly implement their digital transformation strategies and safely adopt new connected devices. We’re building a future that enables enterprises to have greater awareness and above all visibility of all known and unknown resources within their business context.

As Country Manager for France I am excited to bring the platform to French companies, lead the growing team, strengthen the go-to-market strategy and boost Armis’ presence in the market.

GS Mag: Can you present your solutions to us? What are their main characteristics?

Jean-Michel Tavernier : French organizations have integrated cyberspace into all aspects of their business with the use of connected devices and IoT devices in offices, hospitals (IoMT), industrial environments (OT/ICS), retail, and more. Virtually everything we touch today could be connected to the company network and therefore vulnerable to a cyber attack. This digitization has created new entry points for cybercriminals. Armis tackles this challenge with complete asset visibility and security. Our platform discovers all managed and unmanaged devices and associated risks in an environment, detects threats, and enables companies to act automatically to protect critical systems and data. Armis is agentless and integrates easily with existing security products, filling in critical security blind spots.

GS Mag: What types of needs do they meet? (what type of customers do they address?)

Jean-Michel Tavernier : Cyberattacks have grown in France, and criminals will continue to take advantage of the new era of connected devices and IoT. The only solution is the use of appropriate tools that provide visibility on all devices in the business environment, identifying, monitoring and securing them.

Armis is the No. 1 leader with the most comprehensive asset visibility and security intelligence for all assets, all industries, and all environments with the deepest context to detect vulnerabilities and reduce risk. Only the Armis platform spans multiple verticals and can cater to the convergence of IT and OT. No other cybersecurity provider can secure OT, ICS, IT, IoT, IIoT & IoMT across multiple industries and sectors.

GS Mag: What is your marketing strategy in France, in particular with regard to your partners?

Jean-Michel Tavernier : Over the past 3 years, Armis achieved a remarkable 8,826% increase in revenue. Which led to the company being ranked as the 25th Fastest-Growing Company in North America at the Deloitte Technology Fast500 2021. The exponential growth that Armis is experiencing comes with an expansion on key territories.

France is one of the core markets for Armis, where we are ramping up all activities in the region, growing our team, and fueling our advancement through new GTM initiatives and partner alliances. Through the Armis Partner Experience Program (APEX), we collaborate with french and global leading organizations, including Crowdstrike, IBM, Fortified Health, PWC, Checkpoint, Accenture, Gigamon, Optiv, Capgemini, Mcloud, Deloitte, Cyvatar, and hundreds of other firms. I am looking forward to working together with our partners to expand and scale the business in the region.

GS Mag: What is your analysis of the cybersecurity market?

Jean-Michel Tavernier : Cybersecurity has gained even greater weight in the post-Covid era. The rapid growth and expansion of automation and smart devices has expanded the attack surface and introduced new vulnerabilities. The growing number of security regulations has made the space wider. And there has been a peak in criminal behavior. More than ever, enterprises in all sectors need the appropriate tools to safeguard their business.

It becomes critical for organizations to identify every device in their environment, know its physical location, see what software it’s running, and map its connections to other devices in real time. Cybersecurity has now transcended the IT department and is a key element to ensure the prosperity of any company.

GS Mag: To conclude, what would be your message to our readers?

Jean-Michel Tavernier : Innovation is increasing rapidly but, armed with the right tools, organizations can not only keep pace but stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

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