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Jay Gardner, CEO and Ron Hardy, VP Marketing & Product Management at NetIQ: We prefer to spend time with our customers rather than our shareholders

July 2012 by Marc Jacob

Jay Gardner, CEO and Ron Hardy VP Marketing & Product Management came to France to present the new strategy of their company. Indeed, a year after the acquisition by Attachmate Novell, the company is structured into 4 business units so that each of them can focus on one specific activity. Thus, NetIQ now includes the entire group’s offering in terms of SIEM and IAM. Its objective is to gain recognition as a major player in this field. For this, it has a number of advantages: targeted products that are recognized by analysts, but especially the fact that the company not a public company and therefore have a long-term strategy focused on customer needs. As like to say Jay Gardner, CEO and Ron Hardy VP Marketing & Product Management at NetIQ: "We spend more time with customers rather than with our shareholders! "

Ron Hardy and Jay Gardner

Attachmate Group, a year after the acquisition of Novell, decided to create 4 Business Units to clarify its product portfolio both internally and for its customer base. The Attachmate Holding Group, Inc.. was thus created to drive these 4 entities: Attachmate with emulation products, SUSE for the provisioning of open source solutions, Novell with end user computing, collaboration and file servers solutions, finally the NetIQ for the management of Identity, Security and Compliance, which headquarters are based in Houston (Texas). Today, NetIQ is growing strong with 1,600 employees including 600 engineers and 80 offices worldwide. The French office is located at La Defense and is headed by Nicolas Bonte. “In this BU, we are heavily focused on security, IAM and Governance, "said Jay Gardner. Today, the goal of NetIQ is to be recognized by the market as a leading actor for SIEM and IAM solutions.

Why does the company have several advantages over competition?

We have a focus products portfolio on the IAM role management and SIEM, our solutions are stable and we have a large customer base worldwide. In France, many customers such as Mazars and the PMU have been customers for many years. The company has obtained three new clients this quarter including one who has acquired the complete product range (SIEM and IAM) and the other two selected Sentinel 7, which is our SIEM solution. Our products support all types of AD Directory, LDAP, ED (the Novell OS) which allows a better integration in our customer environments and they are constantly evolving. We launched Sentinel 7 in February 2012 and AGS 6 (Access Governance Suite) was released April 2012. NetIQ is also recognized by industry many analysts such as the Gartner and Forrester as a leader in the top right of their Magic Square.

Jay Gardner believes that the Security Managers should educate users about the risks associated with their identity especially with the emergence of BYOD "role management. Our solutions are particularly well suited to address these issues. We offer a seamless integration between our identity management and SIEM solutions. What sets us apart from other market players in addition to the integration? We are also leaders in the Gartner magic Quadrant in both markets. "

Facing the new market with the recent acquisitions of historical actors, we have many opportunities open to us said Jay Gardner. Not to mention that "we have consultants and integrators who consider the ease of implementation of our solutions is an important advantage. The deployment of our solutions is faster than our competitors. One of our main challenges today is to improve our brand recognition. "

According to Ron Hardy, NetIQ has a strong growth in the world. "In France, we are in a double-digit growth. Our specialization is seen in France as an asset. We work with a large network of partners in France and abroad such as Business and Decision, Atheos, Kernel Network, Atos, Deloitte, Verizon Business, BT especially in Spain and Italy, TCS in India ... "In addition, many players and Cloud Services Providers are interested in providing to their customers our IAM and SIEM solutions in a SaaS model.

"We are one of the only truly private enterprises," stated Jay Gardner and Ron Hardy. "We have no constraints of short terms. We prefer to focus on our clients’ objectives rather than those of our shareholders. So we spend more time with our customers than with our shareholders.

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