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Jason Goode, Regional Director, EMEA Ping Identity : Identity is the key to managing access to these securely

October 2012 by Marc Jacob

Global Security Mag : What will you present during Les Assises de la Sécurité ?

Jason Goode : At Les Assises Ping Identity will present their solutions for Cloud Identity Security Management including Federated Identity and Single Sign-On for large Enterprises. We will show how important identity management is for employees, partner networks and consumers and how the rapid adoption of the Cloud and the impact of BYOD challenges the traditional ways of managing identities across organisations.

GS Mag : What new threats do you identify ?

Jason Goode : Organisations need to know who is able to access certain business information and what they are allowed to see there. This information is no longer behind a closed corporate firewall. There is no longer a secure ’firewall’ around a company’s information. Employees are using their own devices to access corporate information, they are using Cloud applications and this poses a risk to many organisations. They need to manage they identity and access to these devices and applications securely.

GS Mag : In regard of these new threats, how will evolve your offer?

Jason Goode : Ping Identities solutions are proven and secure. We can help organisations to manage identities in the Cloud, on devices and internally. We can help build secure Identity Bridges.

GS Mag : What is your sale strategy for 2012/2013 ?

Jason Goode : Ping Identity is growing rapidly in Europe and we have expanded our sales team in France. We are supported by a number of partners specialising in identity security.

GS Mag : What is your message for the IT responsibles ?

Jason Goode : The role of IT departments and teams is rapidly changing with the adoption of Cloud computing and business applications that are external to the organisation. Identity is the key to managing access to these securely. IT professionals will need to focus on their Identity and Access Management policies and to ensure that they deliver value to the business.

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