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Ixia Test Solution Helps Corsa Technology Validate Design of Network Security Enforcement Device

October 2017 by Marc Jacob

Ixia announced that Corsa Technology, thesp in performance SDN (software-defined networking) switching and network security enforcement, chose Ixia’s application and security testing platform – BreakingPoint – to test and validate the design of their network security enforcement device – Red Armor.

Corsa Technology is introducing a new set of functionality in Red Armor to support large service provider deployments. Red Armor is a real-time programmable network security enforcement device that is key to the network based portion of automated or adaptive response architectures. Corsa needed to simulate large scale attack traffic mixed in with multi-user good traffic to validate the design under realistic operating conditions, so they conducted a competitive evaluation.

Ixia’s BreakingPoint test solution allowed Corsa to simulate more than 38,000 different types of malware, DDoS attacks and exploits mixed with over 300 real-world application protocols they could customize to create unique operational configurations.

“When competing in a technology market, especially network security, realism is a key consideration,” stated Stuart Reid, Vice President of Engineering for Corsa. “Ixia made our decision easy. We were impressed with Ixia’s ability to thoroughly simulate real-world attack and traffic volume in the lab, helping us to identify and isolate issues quickly.”

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