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IronPort Tops Forrester’s Vendor List for Spam Management Best Practices

July 2008 by Marc Jacob

Forrester Research released an assessment of the state of Internet threats in their 2008 "Threat Report: The Trends and Changing Landscape of Malware and Internet Threats". This report echoed many of the same themes that IronPort®, now a part of Cisco Systems, reported on in its "2008 Internet Security Trends Report". These trends included the dramatic increase of spam (particularly through botnets and social malware such as Storm) as well as the increased merging of Web threats and spam email through the use of "blended threats".

Forrester’s recommendations on how to combat these threats was provided in a companion document, "Spam Management Best Practices". Along with some good advice such as delaying email bounce notifications to help combat address harvesting and implementing group-level spam policies, the report listed four "Best of" categories for vendors providing spam blocking technology:

Best email reputation filters
Best industry blacklists
Best high-performance MTA and anti-spam solution
Best integrated email encryption

The IronPort C-Series email security appliance was the only product recommended for all four categories and IronPort was the only vendor recommended from a performance perspective stating that it has "best-in-class" performance for anti-spam. As the pioneer in reputation-based email security, IronPort continues to be the vendor to look to for messaging security in the continually changing Internet threat environment.

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