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Iowa Caucus app could have been hacked

February 2020 by Rusty Carter, VP Product Management at Arxan

Rusty Carter, VP Product Management at Arxan on the report indicating that the Iowa Caucus app had the ability to be hacked:

‘The report stating the vulnerability would allow someone to "intercept and change" results speaks to weaknesses in the app, the API’s and likely both. Even if these were caught and mitigated by static analysis tools or basic security audits, preventing interception and tampering in the app or while the data is in transit, requires ensuring the security posture of the application, and the integrity and authenticity of the application as it communicates with the server (and vice versa). In matters that include things like patient health, vehicle safety, or societal integrity of elections, anything short of hardened applications that ensure integrity and have endured multiple expert penetration tests could, and should easily be classified as negligent.’

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