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Introducing Encrouter, the World’s Most Private & Secure Fully Integrated VPN Router

February 2023 by Marc Jacob

Encroute is pleased to announce our flagship product - Encrouter. Encrouter is a
fully integrated encrypted VPN router for home and business use. One of the first of its kind, Encrouter
enables people to provide pure VPN security for their entire home or business Internet, all from one

Encrouter also offers over 20 VPN server locations around the world to ensure better access to the open
Internet and localized content with no bandwidth limitations.

Key Product Features:
• Integrated VPN Service
• Over 20 VPN Server Locations Globally
• iOS & Android Mobile Application to Control Settings/Features
• Connect up to 250 devices
• Extremely Fast Wi-Fi 6 Connection
• Ability to Segment Devices to Different VPN Servers (Coming soon!)

Encroute’s owned and dedicated VPN server infrastructure makes Encrouter the most private and
secure VPN router on the market. Encrouter ensures that any device connected to it is protected by
WireGuard encryption through the VPN service, ensuring that all connected devices have the same level
of security and privacy, without the need for individual VPN setup.

Key Security & Privacy Features:
• 100% Owned & Dedicated Servers
• WireGuard Encryption
• No Log Policy
• Diskless/Driveless Servers
• Portless Servers
• No Access Control

Encrouter marks a big step forward in protecting people’s homes and businesses from the ever-present
dangers to privacy and security on the Internet. People can now sleep a little easier knowing that there
is an extra layer of protection preventing unwanted intrusions into the home or business through the

Encrouter is now available in the USA, Canada, and across Europe on the website of encrouter & Amazon

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