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Internet Society Launches New Data Platform to Track the Health, Availability and Evolution of the Internet

December 2020 by Marc Jacob

Today the Internet Society announces the launch of Internet Insights, a new tool that consolidates trusted third-party Internet measurement data into a single platform. The platform will provide the public with a better understanding of the health, availability and evolution of the Internet.

In particular, the platform will be a valuable resource for policymakers, researchers, journalists, network operators, civil society groups and others interested in issues affecting the global Internet, by providing access to timely, trusted and reliable data that can inform ongoing work in these areas.

The Insights platform is a key component of the Internet Society’s Measuring the Internet project that began earlier this year, with initial focus in two areas:

• Internet Shutdowns. Insights curates information about Internet shutdown events occurring around the world and looks at the economic and human impact of these actions. Data on regional and national-scale disruptions to Internet connectivity is included, as well as on application-level blocking and content blocking.

• Emerging Technologies. New technologies are essential to enable the Internet to keep growing, evolving and meeting the changing expectations of users and contribute to improved Internet scalability, security, trust and availability. Insights curates information about levels of IPv6 adoption in countries and networks around the world, progress being made towards an encrypted web, indicators of DNSSEC adoption by the registries for country-code domain names, and data on worldwide adoption of TLS1.3 and HTTP/3.

Additional focus areas, including the resilience of the global Internet, will be added in 2021.

Currently 12 data partners are contributing to the Insights platform, including Access Now, AFRINIC, Facebook, Google, ICANN, Mozilla and Oracle, among others. In addition, the Internet Society will contribute its own data measurements on technology adoption trends on the web (e.g., Topsites measurements for IPv6, TLS1.3, HTTPS).

Internet Insights is now available here:

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