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IntactPhone by CommuniTake: unifying mobile security and productivity

December 2015 by Marc Jacob

CommuniTake, founded in Israel in 2009, attended Milipol to present its new solution to secure mobile devices: smartphones and tablets running Android an iOS. For Ronen Sasson, CEO, and Eylam Tamary, EMEA Sales Director of CommuniTake, this solution combines security and productivity.

Eylam Tamary and Ronen Sasson

Global Security Mag: Could you introduce your company?

Ronen Sasson and Eylam Tamary: CommuniTake Technologies was founded in 2009. Today, the company operates offices in Israel, in the US, Italy and in China. We have initiated the company by offering remote control technology over mobile devices support service for carriers’ support operations. Then, we launched our multi-channel support toolset, providing support via self-troubleshooting app, remote access portal, diagnostics big-data and collaborative support. Next, we have enhanced our offering with enterprise mobility management capabilities. We are working with foremost telecom providers Telefonica, Vodafone, Telecom Argentina, Telecom Italy and more. Now, we have developed the IntactPhone, a secure mobile communications solution. It combines our toolset and expertise with fused security through secure customized mobile operating system and a hardened device.

Global Security Mag: How does your solution work?

Ronen Sasson and Eylam Tamary: CommuniTake delivers a natively integrated mobility platform that unifies hardened device, security-rich mobile operating system, encrypted communications, smart command center, multi-channel support, remote control technology and core Android Internet of Things:

- The security rich IntactOS tightly couples the hardened IntactPhone device and the operating system. Same day over-the-air software patches close the vulnerability gaps left by unpatched COTS components.
- The intelligent wiretapping encryption covers the entire communications environment and prevents most attack vectors and voice interception techniques while ensuring crystal clear voice quality.
- The fused Intact Command Center (IntactCC) unifies security policy and enforcement capabilities across mobile devices. It executes powerful administrative flexibility to provide in-depth protection against modern eavesdropping methods.
- The Intact Care suite assures performance, empowers self-troubleshooting and extends risk mitigation through future-ready remote control tools.

This one-of-a-kind mobile security solution provides a multi-layered defense that boosts security efficacy, protects against eavesdropping, and prevents malicious attacks at each stage of the attack kill chain.

Global Security Mag: Is this solution already available?

Ronen Sasson and Eylam Tamary: Of course! We already have several customers such as service providers as well as large companies. There is a great traction to this solution by governmental agencies, utility companies and large corporations.

Global Security Mag: What are your plans for France?

Ronen Sasson and Eylam Tamary: We wish to extend our presence in France and in other European countries. We are currently in negotiations with several distributors who operate in France.

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