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Infosecurity’Survey: A quarter of organisations have been subject to a data integrity attack

April 2010 by Infosecurity Europe

A survey by Infosecurity Europe of 420 organisations has found that a quarter (28%) have been subject to a data integrity attacks. Of those that think that data integrity attacks could be a problem 14% are not sure they would be able to detect an attack and half of organisations think that attacks could be a problem but have not detected any. Worryingly only 3% thought that data integrity attacks are not a problem with 6% acknowledging that data integrity attacks are a problem and that they were adequately protected. Infosecurity Europe, takes place at Earls Court, London, from 27th–29th April 2010 and does not come a moment too soon for 91% of our sample.

According to Bob Tarzey, Analyst for Quocirca and keynote speaker at Infosecurity Europe, “The lack of confidence around the integrity of critical business data is not surprising, this has long been a problem and is likely to get worse as volumes of data continue to grow, unless action is taken. However, that 28% of respondents believe they have been subject to a data integrity attack is a surprise. Add to this the fact that most of the others simply do not know and it looks like this could be a growing problem. One reason why data integrity attacks have not been hitting the headlines is because there is currently no pressure to disclose such incidents, as is increasingly the case with the loss of personal data.”

Claire Sellick, Event Director for Infosecurity Europe said, “Organisations need to approach managing data integrity risks in the same way as they approach data availability and data confidentiality risks. One of the issues with data integrity attacks is that they are much harder to detect than data theft and the compromised data may not be detected for years when the data’s validity is questioned. ”

As part of the keynote programme at Infosecurity Europe there will be a session titled “Data Integrity Attacks –The Silent Killer” with the panel made up of: Bob Tarzey, Analyst, Quocirca; Dave Cullinane, CISO & VP, eBay Global Information Security; Dwayne Melançon , Vice President of Log Management, Tripwire; Michael Warren, CTO, The London Metal Exchange; and Andrew Yeomans, Vice President, Commerzbank & Jericho Forum Board Member.

The discussion will cover why data integrity attacks are now a major concern for organisations, including:

How to find out if your data has been compromised. What techniques you should employ to improve the integrity of your data. How to manage and assess the accuracy of your data – how do you measure change.

Where external threats to data integrity come from and what they are. Insider data integrity threats – what are they and how can you manage them. A roadmap to help prevent data integrity attacks on your organisation.

For more details on this session, and Infosecurity Europe, visit The event takes place at Earls Court, London, from 27th–29th April 2010. For FREE entry and further information about Infosecurity Europe, visit the website and register today to avoid a £20 entrance charge.

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