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Infoblox Now Supports Google Cloud and Single Sign-On in Latest Version of NIOS

April 2019 by Marc Jacob

Infoblox Inc. announced new updates to its Network Identity Operating System (NIOS) platform that enhances multi-cloud capabilities and improves security. NIOS 8.4 adds support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and single sign-on to provide customers with an improved network security experience. This latest update is a testament to Infoblox’s commitment to addressing customer needs and providing a solution that is purpose-built for their unique environments.

Automation and management simplicity are crucial in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Enterprises are adopting the hybrid cloud model to increase efficiency and agility. Efficient use of the hybrid cloud requires rapid deployment of DDI services across platforms, unconstrained by the cloud vendor. NIOS 8.4 adds support for Google Cloud Platform, complementing Infoblox’s current integrations with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, to give customers efficiency and choice when defining their hybrid cloud strategies. Cross-platform discovery, enables Infoblox Authoritative IPAM to provide up-to-date visibility and to automate the provisioning and reclamation of IP addresses, regardless of whether you’re using GCP, AWS, and/or Azure.

Additionally, this latest version of NIOS breaks down the complexity of network management by implementing Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities. Customers can simply log into NIOS 8.4 via one platform improving ease-of-use without compromising network security. This ability to delegate identity management to an SSO Identity Provider application eases administrative efforts required to manage network infrastructure.

New VLAN management capabilities in NIOS 8.4 further improve network efficiency and resource administration. Network administrators can group, view, and assign VLANs to Networks as well as validate assigned VLANs with VLANs discovered by Infoblox Network Insight or NetMRI. This VLAN inventory data and conflict report information can then be used to generate additional reporting. This expands the Infoblox Authoritative IPAM support to include authoritative for VLANs.

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