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Industry comment on avoiding Black Friday cyber threats

November 2021 by Oliver Cronk, chief IT architect, Tanium

As Black Friday approaches, we will start to see an increase in cyber traps over this key shopping period.

For Tanium’s chief IT architect, Oliver Cronk on what organisations can do to prepare for a rise in phishing emails and cyber threats:

“As both Black Friday and Cyber Monday draw nearer, organisations will need to prepare for the huge volume of phishing lures as cyber attackers will use these events as an opportunity to target individuals who are susceptible to phishing emails. Cyber attackers on this occasion will be focusing on product discount offers and indistinguishable marketing emails to lure victims to click on a malicious link in an email.

To avoid falling victim to these cyber scams, organisations must ensure that their employees have common knowledge and training on the cyber threats to expect, especially as a number of staff will be working from home and using work laptops for personal shopping. This involves encouraging best security practice on emails including hovering over URLs to check authenticity and manually typing in trusted web addresses where possible.

IT teams need to ensure that they have precautions in place to ensure that the hybrid workforce is prepared. This will mean that if there is an initial breach, there is a good chance that minimal damage will be caused.”

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