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LogPoint UK&I Director shares views on The Red Cross cyber attack

January 2022 by Tim Wallen, U&I Regional Director, LogPoint

The Red Cross suffering a cyberattack and having the data of over 515,000 "highly vulnerable people" exposed to an unknown entity. The commentary from Tim Wallen, UK&I Regional Director LogPoint.

“The attack on The Red Cross reminds us that cyberattacks on organisations impact more than business continuity and finances – they impact people. In this case, the victims are vulnerable individuals searching for their lost family and loved ones, and the consequences are potentially dramatic for those who registered their personal information as part of the Restoring Family Links operation. It’s also a dramatic blow for the credibility of the Red Cross organisation.
Understanding the extent of the attack on The Red Cross is vital to minimise the effects and inform victims of the risks they face and how their personal information has been compromised. The key to that is collecting and analysing log data across the entire IT infrastructure, allowing cybersecurity professionals to understand the root cause of the attack, how to respond and how to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

The case also highlights the risks of outsourcing the management of sensitive personal information to 3rd parties. Organisations have to consider very carefully when they put their data in the hands of external parties, and it’s imperative that an organisation such as The Red Cross makes sure its partners have solid cybersecurity measures in place, including real-time monitoring of security data and the necessary capabilities to quickly and effectively respond to attacks.”

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