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Imou Launches the First AI-powered IoT Camera and Smart Lock with 3D AI Facial Recognition

October 2019 by Marc Jacob

Imou New Product Launch was held with the theme “Gathering and Growing” in Shenzhen, where industry experts, Imou primary partners from all over the world, and international media gathered together to witness the launch of Imou’s new products for both domestic and overseas market. The event also demonstrated the rapid growth of Imou in the past year and how Imou will support and benefit the partners in future.

2019 Imou Product Launch Event

Mr. Ke Li, Dahua President, Mr. Yong Ying, Dahua Senior VP, gave their opening remarks to launch the event. Mr. Yun Xie, CEO of Hangzhou Huacheng Network Co. Ltd. (Imou), gave a keynote speech on “Gathering and Growing”, sharing the achievements and big moments of Imou since the brand upgrade last year, and elaborating on products, Imou service system, brand communication, etc. Mr. Xie pointed out that Imou will continue to deepen its efforts in the consumer IoT industry, continuously expand in the global market, and strive to enable everyone to enjoy smart life.

Mr. Xie Yun, CEO of Hangzhou Huacheng Network Co. Ltd.

Mr. Hongwu Zhao, Director of China Daily Hardware Technology Development Center, shared the report on the development trend of the smart lock industry. He pointed out that the entire smart door lock market is still a blue ocean market, and the industry is positioned to be the most promising area to experience a market breakout. Mr. Xianwen Dai, Head of Business Operation-Industrial from Alibaba, gave a speech on the new era of cross-border trading. As an important partner of Imou, Alibaba firmly believes that the Internet can help create a more beneficial environment by enabling companies like Imou to use innovation and technology to grow and compete more effectively in the domestic and global economy.

The event saw the launch of many new heavyweight high-tech products for the domestic market, among which there was the highly anticipated Imou V8i Smart Lock - Imou’s first smart lock with 3D AI facial recognition technology to achieve more secured facial unlocking, allowing users to bid farewell to keys, free their hands, and enjoy more relaxed lives.

V8i Smart Lock with 3D AI Facial Recognition

For the overseas market, the release of Imou Ranger IQ received strong attention. As the first AI-powered IoT camera with capabilities to “watch, listen, speak, and act”, Ranger IQ can detect sounds/motion, identify human beings from moving objects or pets, warn off intruders with built-in siren, and act as the center of the alarm system to collaborate with detectors.

Ranger IQ

The product launch also featured the release of the Wireless Security System in the overseas market. The brand new Imou Wireless Security System comes with the latest camera repeater technology, which allows for unparalleled long range coverage. The system also features plug-and-play setup, thus easily connecting with other security cameras.

With the expertise in the smart security industry, Imou is striving to produce solutions that let everyone enjoy a secure, simple, and smart life through innovative technology. “Gathering and Growing” with the partners, Imou is also seeking to continuously create value for partners. Being a user or a partner of Imou, you can always rely on Imou to enjoy your peace of mind, anywhere, anytime.

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