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ImmuniWeb releases free monitoring service delivering automatic security alerts for web, mobile and dark web threats

March 2021 by Marc Jacob

ImmuniWeb® has launched a new service called Continuous Security Monitoring that enables configuration of its free security tools to provide weekly testing for website and mobile security threats, phishing and detection of Dark Web exposure.

Designed for SMEs and small public sector organisations, ImmuniWeb’s free tools already deliver over 100,000 daily tests. Called the Community Edition, the tools support anyone looking reach a basic level of application security, privacy and compliance.

From today, Community Edition users can configure up to three assets (e.g. websites or domain names) for continuous security monitoring. Under the new service, four online security tests will be conducted to cover mobile apps, website security, dark web exposure and SSL security.

The service covers a number of different tests, including for GDPR and PCI DSS compliance, website CMS vulnerabilities, domain squatting, trademark infringement, web and email server SSLs security, the OWASP Mobile top 10 and static and dynamic mobile scans.

These tests will run automatically every week, and users will receive an automated security alert notifying them of any new vulnerabilities or misconfigurations. Continuous security monitoring is an essential element of any robust cybersecurity and resilience program. Many security standards and regulations, including PCI DSS, NIST Cybersecurity Framework and GDPR, directly or implicitly require implementation of continuous security monitoring for new risks, threats and vulnerabilities.

Enterprise users are already benefitting from ImmuniWeb® Discovery for unlimited monitoring of assets including cloud, containers, code repositories and IoT, and instant RBAC alerts about security vulnerabilities, misconfigurations or non-compliances.

Users simply sign up for a free account on the ImmuniWeb® AI Platform, and add assets for continuous security monitoring with the Community Edition. The assets may later be changed and updated at any time.

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