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Identity fraud hits epidemic levels - Fujitsu comments

August 2017 by Bryan Campbell, Senior Security Researcher

On the back of the news that identity theft has reached epidemic levels in the UK, the comment from Bryan Campbell, Senior Security Researcher & Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer, Fujitsu UK & Ireland.

“In an era where data is becoming the new currency, all personal data, be it used to shop online or bank accounts, needs to be properly protected. Cyber criminals are entrepreneurial, well-sourced and motivated. They’re capable at targeting areas where people may not be thinking too seriously about how their data is being protected, and thereby allowing hackers to get what they want.

The obvious thing to do is to create strong and varied passwords across each application. However, given the rising sophistication of cyber-crime, new technologies such as biometrics are set to rise. For some time now we’ve been familiar with biometrics as a way to unlock phones with a thumb print as one example, and as such consumers are increasingly warming to biometric authentication, even as a way of making financial transactions. There is no silver bullet for stopping identity fraud for good, but from contactless palm vein scanning to iris scanners; biometrics is essential for protecting both consumers and organisations in a data driven world.”

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