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IRONSCALES Delivers the ‘Power of the Pack’ to Email Security

February 2020 by Marc Jacob

IRONSCALES announced that its email security platform has surpassed more than 1,000 active security professionals worldwide. Now boasting cybersecurity’s largest community of incident responders, IRONSCALES customers uniquely benefit from real-time, human verified, actionable threat intelligence through constant collaboration with alike SOC teams across the entire platform, ultimately helping to significantly reduce risk from phishing, ransomware, and other e-mail-based malware attacks. Today, more than 40% of all phishing attacks detected by IRONSCALES originate from the community of cybersecurity experts, augmenting the many threats identified by the platform’s sophisticated content scanning, fake login page protection and mailbox-level anomaly detection capabilities.

Unlike other email security tools that might provide access to pre-generated threat feeds, the IRONSCALES platform stands alone by affording customers with immediate access to an actionable real-time peer-based community of threats detected by security professionals. This democratized approach ensures continuous, real-time intelligence, maximizing both the power of people and technology as a vehicle to significantly reduce the risk of email phishing attacks.

End user benefits of democratized email security

According to the Verizon 2019 Breach Investigations Report, 92% of malware is delivered by email and phishing campaigns. In order to combat the continued rise in frequency and complexity of phishing attacks, organizations, security analysts and researchers must cooperate and share intelligence about known attacks. The IRONSCALES email security platform enables the real-time and automated sharing of email threat intelligence, providing its entire community of users with advanced detection and notification of trending email phishing attacks.

• Prevent Emerging Threats Faster: With access to a growing network of security analysts, emerging phishing campaigns - small or large - can be detected and blocked faster, automatically protecting others from similar or polymorphic threats.

• Aggregated Intelligence: By collecting real-time, anonymous insights from the IRONSCALES global community, customers gain instant visibility into the same email spoofing, BEC and other phishing incidents being investigated by other security analysts within the community. When a decision is made by one security analyst, the entire community becomes instantly immunized.

• Improved SOC Efficiency: The majority of enterprise SOCs lack the personnel and dedicated resources to detect, investigate and respond to suspicious emails as quickly as phishing mitigation demands. Real-time sharing of threat intelligence across the community eliminates the need to triage threats; freeing up overburdened security analysts to focus their time on higher priority security events.

• Reduce False Positives: Human verified phishing intelligence serves to decrease the number of false positives that frustrate users and erodes trust. As a greater volume of human-vetted threat intelligence is fed back into our AI virtual security assistant, the entire platform will continuously improve in its ability to discern between malicious and legitimate emails.

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