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IDEX Biometrics set to drive down cost of biometric smartcards with new TrustedBio™ family of products and solutions

February 2020 by Marc Jacob

IDEX Biometrics ASA announced the launch of TrustedBio™ — a new family of dual-interface products and solutions designed to reduce biometric smartcard cost while improving both performance and security.

Card cost and manufacturing complexity has been a barrier to mass adoption of biometric smartcards. Now, thanks to the unprecedented integration levels of IDEX’s new TrustedBio™ solutions, the cost of building a biometric smartcard product will be dramatically reduced, which will accelerate market adoption.

IDEX has built on its proven off-chip sensor technology with new biometric-system-on-chip based products. This system-on-chip approach lowers the cost of materials required to build a biometric smartcard, while providing major enhancements to both performance and security. Unlike existing sensors, this new generation of products removes the need to have any electronic components laminated within the card’s inlay. This is expected to lead to an improvement in manufacturing processes and yields, substantially reducing the overall time to market.

IDEX’s new dual-interface products and solutions will work seamlessly with both current and next generation EMV® chips to provide unrivalled flexibility. This means IDEX TrustedBio™ customers will be able to develop differentiated products unique to their target customers and business strategies. The first member of the TrustedBio™ family featuring this biometric-system-on-chip technology will sample in Q2 2020 and be released to mass production in Q4 2020.

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