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Hyperstone security controller S9S receives FIPS certification

March 2023 by Marc Jacob

Hyperstone announces its latest security geared controller, the S9S (compatible to host systems up to the SD 7.1 interface), has received two sought after security certifications for its hashing and AES encryption engines. The need for high-level security in the transmission of sensitive data and the prevention of information leakage among government agencies as well as private corporations using industrial-grade storage has dramatically increased in recent years.

The S9S SHA2-256 hashing engine was granted the FIPS-180-4 certification and the AES encryption engine the FIPS 197 for both XTS and CBC modes with en/ decryption with 128 and 256-bit keys.

The AES encryption standard (FIPS-197) is a cryptographic technique recommended for government and industrial use. AES encryption engines utilize the optimized XTS mode specifically to encrypt user data on the NAND flash.

While Hyperstone uses the certified SHA2-256 hashing engine in its firmware verification and secure boot process, the engine is also available alongside the AES engine to customers implementing firmware extensions with the Hyperstone API. This API enables customers to further develop a proprietary firmware and security capabilities of their storage design without disclosing any information. It allows designers of embedded systems to create truly unique, value-added products. The road to a fully certified FIPS-140 system, requires the implementation of at least one FIPS certified algorithm. By integrating Hyperstones S9S controller into a storage design, one automatically meets these requirements while simultaneously having the added potential of the company’s API.

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