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Hunters Takes Generational Leap in AI-based Threat Hunting

February 2020 by Marc Jacob

Hunters, an Israeli cybersecurity start-up, announced a generational leap forward in AI-based threat detection. Through collaboration with industry ally Snowflake, the cloud data platform, Hunters will boost the velocity and effectiveness of its data-driven autonomous threat hunting solution.

This new industry journey with Snowflake will enable Hunters to accelerate data onboarding and allow organizations to harness petabytes of security data with ease. Moreover, by leveraging the Snowflake data lake, Hunters will enable interconnection of diverse enterprise data sources to supercharge autonomous threat hunting.

Hunters.AI cross-references and correlates events, logs, and static data from every organizational data source and security telemetry control, using its AI engine to detect threats across every attack surface from the moment it’s installed. Organizational data sources can range from security solution logs emitted by EDR, firewall, and cloud security, to Software-as-a-Service solutions by Okta, ADP, Cisco Meraki, and others. Hunters.AI leverages a vast repository of attack intelligence and TTP-based detectors to extract threat leads across the gamut of IT environments.

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