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Hoxhunt Launches Breakthrough Human Risk Management Platform

February 2023 by Marc Jacob

Hoxhunt announced the availability of the industry’s foremost Human Risk Management Platform and three new products. For the first time, cybersecurity leaders can now focus on true visibility and measurable outcomes, not just regulatory and audit compliance.

According to the World Economic Forum, 95 percent of data breaches can be traced back to human error, mostly from clicking on targeted phishing attacks. Hoxhunt delivers high-ROI resilience with minimal resources by automating the transition of employees from being the greatest security risk to the most valuable resource. Hoxhunt’s Human Risk Management Platform enables human threat intelligence—which is the only way to catch the millions of sophisticated phishing attacks that evade technical filters each year—into the security stack.

The AI-enabled platform offers three new products that can be aligned with an organization’s security maturity state.
· The new Comply product enables security awareness programs to be delivered automatically. From choosing the curriculum to customizing training content, Hoxhunt Comply enables security leaders to build a comprehensive program at the click of a button.
· The Hoxhunt Change product adds capabilities to the market leading security behavior change solution. The advanced AI engine and machine learning algorithms transform employees into a global network of threat detection sensors that protect themselves and their organizations from threats that have infiltrated the perimeter. The AI platform delivers individualized, adaptive training experiences for employees at the edge of their skill levels at scale, resulting in lasting and measurable improvement. Even real phishing attacks are transformed into vital learning experiences when employees detect them. The platform assesses and expands individual abilities with quick micro-training nudges based on in-the-moment responses to both real and simulated phishing attacks, which in turn creates long-term engagement and optimal online behavior for employees.
· Respond helps make sense of the threat feed to the SOC and automatically pinpoints the incidents that need attention. The Hoxhunt platform analyzes over 93,000 newly reported threats every day that have bypassed traditional security technology layers. Now organizations can harness the power of a global network of 1.5M human threat sensors to prevent the most malicious ransomware and BEC attacks.

Hoxhunt was established to take a people-first approach, going beyond traditional, compliance-based security awareness training and enabling a risk-based security strategy via measurable security behavior change.

Hoxhunt’s full-stack, AI-driven platform delivers:
· Increased Visibility: Provides visibility into the true risk of an organization’s human layer and the threats that have (or could have) infiltrated their systems.
· Measurable Risk Reduction: Hoxhunt transforms employees into security assets, creating a global human threat sensor network to detect and eliminate email threats that slip past your technical protections. Hoxhunt drives the failure rate to just 2%, compared to 25% when using alternative phishing tools.
· Streamlined Reporting: Maintains full control and visibility of employee training progress across departments, automatically generating reports that CISOs can utilize to translate improvements in organizational security posture.
Since its inception, Hoxhunt has helped some of the world’s leading companies graduate from security awareness training into security behavior change and human risk management, including Airbus, DocuSign, Kaercher, and Victorinox. The company has also received numerous accolades in recent months. Hoxhunt was named a Best Software Company (EMEA) by G2 and received three awards from TrustRadius for security excellence.

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