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How Parents Can Secure Kids Online Amid Coronavirus School Closures

March 2020 by SANS INSTITUTE

As schools across the region have closed, SANS Security Awareness, a division of the SANS Institute, is providing a free “Secure Your Kids Online” resource kit to help parents and guardians protect their kids online.

Coronavirus has resulted in schools across the globe moving to an eLearning format, where education moves out of the classroom and into the home. SANS Director of Security Awareness Lance Spitzner explains: “eLearning from home is a new experience both for kids and their parents. With this technology, and boundless access to information and people, comes potential risks. ‘Secure Your Kids Online’ was created to enable families to safely and securely make the most of learning from home by arming parents with the skills and knowledge they need to help guide and secure their children.”

Education is ultimately the best defense children have against today’s cyber risks. ‘Secure Your Kids Online’ helps parents develop good online values and behaviours within their children. This includes:
• ideas for establishing rules to keep kids safe;
• to whom they should report problems in the event someone is being a bully or inappropriate;
• what types of information they can share and with whom;
• the types of sites that are okay to visit. Prior to accessing written resources, it is recommended that parents and guardians review the short video first. Direct links to content within the ‘Secure Your Kids Online’ resource kit are included below.
• Video that summarizes how to best secure your kids online;
• Additional resources to learn more (primarily for companies that want to help employees secure their kids).

For additional details on SANS Security Awareness, including timely blog posts detailing how to create a secure work-from-home experience for parents as well as children, visit:

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