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Help, our data no longer belongs to us!

June 2019 by RB & associés

Nowadays, no company is safe in this digital world! Be suspicious and paranoid, so advise IT security professionals and senior managers. One year after the implementation of the GDPR, the communication agency RB & associés devoted this morning - for their last workshop of the season - a debate on IT security, should we be afraid of it?

In a company where IT, the Internet and targeted social networks are king and queen, thick consequences are inevitable for the entire sector! How can we protect ourselves from it? What damage should be noted?

For the experts gathered, Jean-Baptiste Grymonprez, correspondent for New Technologies at Crédit Mutuel Île de France, Edouard Fillias, Co-founder and CEO of Jin, Geneviève Clarkson, CEO of Startup World, Rebecca Pinheiro Engineer and Doctor of Management, Kevin Nguyen, Head of Development at the Coding Machine and Cédric Berto, lawyer at KBRC, you have to learn to have confidence.

"Isn’t the human being a data set" says Kevin Nguyen. As we are more hyper-connected than ever, the dangers of navigation are increasing all the time. Nevertheless, as Edouard Fillias points out, the main issue remains trust : "if there is no IT security, there is no trust and if there is no trust, there is no commerce; once the user is granted access to the corporate network, they can access all data and applications. However, the latter, which is unlimited, can be dangerous for the company as a whole and jeopardize the security system". So, as Genevieve Clarkson points out, "we must anticipate in order to avoid further suffering. By making each employee aware of good IT protection practices, it will be possible to prevent a cyber attack from being caused by human error".

To avoid this danger, it is essential to be aware of the sensitive points of your company. Go in search of solutions. "How far should I secure my company", wonders Rebecca Pinheiro? "It is necessary to define the cost of a cyber attack to protect my company. That is the priority". Mr. Berto continues that "each IT security company must invest in its risk mapping and, above all, prioritize them by proposing the appropriate budget".

French SMEs do not yet realize the full importance of cybersecurity, they only partially respond to its challenges. The main reason? By focusing on their development and the management of day-to-day operations and actions, SMEs do not always consider the prevention of these attacks as a real priority. And yet, they remain sufficiently aware that a single incident can cause considerable financial damage, as well as jeopardize relationships established with partner networks or even the customer community. Providing some keys to understanding this amazing reality, the actors of the last opus of the RB workshop season explain that better prevention would protect the Company’s reputation.

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