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Hanwha Techwin Europe launches new Wisenet X Series AI Fisheye camera

January 2023 by Marc Jacob

Hanwha Techwin has launched the XNF-9013RV, an AI fisheye camera designed to make AI at the edge more accessible and actionable for security teams. The camera comes with AI-based object detection and classification, and improved image quality features, along with IK10 vandal resistance.

Accurate object detection and classification enables operators to quickly identify people, faces, number plates, and vehicle types including cars, trucks, buses, and bicycles. This offers more situational awareness and context to an event. Irrelevant motions such as waving trees, moving shadows and animals are ignored, all of which would usually be the cause of false alarms with standard motion detection technology. Operators can therefore better focus on responding to real incidents and emergencies.

The XNF-9013RV comes with WiseStream III, the latest in Hanwha Techwin’s AI compression technology. WiseStream III applies a low compression rate to objects and people detected and tracked by AI to maintain the quality of the image, whilst applying a high compression rate to the rest of the scene This saves on network, storage, energy, and power, making running a video surveillance system more cost-effective and efficient for security teams. It improves network bandwidth by up to half in active scenes and 95% in idle scenes.

AI plays a vital role in providing high image quality. WiseNRII is a new camera enhancement that uses AI to intelligently identify movement and reduce blur in noisy, low light environments. AI-based Preferred Shutter technology uses AI to identify the appearance and movement of objects, then re-adjust the Preferred Shutter value to the best level to reduce motion blur. Operators can, therefore, see images and events clearly despite movement in a frame.

This is complemented by extreme WDR that uses Local Contrast Enhancement and Scene Analysis technology to capture ultra-clear images even in environments with strong backlight conditions. Moreover, Advanced Lens Distortion Correction works to correct the distorted images commonly seen with fisheye lenses.

The XNF-9013RV can be easily installed with a host of features to save installers time and costs. The fisheye lens reduces the need for multiple cameras to be installed to cover a specific area, which further reduces installation time.

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